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Historical Overview:


Out goes the entertaining adventure! The once steadfast visitation towards casino rooms filled with slot machines have turned to a stop, which calls for the arrival of reality 2.0 - a detailing landscape calling for gambling online. Mobile slots have overtaken the new paradigms - in making money while entertaining one self, and this is to be accessed across most electronic devices available in today's living. Whether it'd be a smartphone, a tablet, or out with the carry of a laptop, slot games can be played under the tabs of most online casinos - thanking the invention of convenience and grace that is known as the great internet.


But going out this far in the curve with slot games is a marvel, yet it shouldn't be neglected in how it's transformed towards the iGaming interface. Within the once notorious atmosphere of physical gambling dens— depending on the cultures and continents involved, colloquialisms are formed as their way of pronouncing gaming slots. The word, 'fruit machine', was coined in United Kingdom for the symbols found that represented a variety of fruits being rolled. Playing slots then was a mechanical game with paylines of fruits to gamble! Sounds rather direct, right? 


On the flip side of things, and we mean in a different continent, the Oceania region has their concentrated lingua franca of defining slots as 'Pokies'. This was a much represented phrase of relating to poker machines because of the cards' nature of randomness upon bets, but it's also noteworthy to say that the word pokies was also first documented in 1960s. And this can be seen in Oxford's classic dictionary reference, where the terminology of slots gaming was brought into limelight when a person was seen calling the slot machine (with card representations found on its reel then) the said word.


Yet in another circulated finding of 1891 documented the Americans' first invention of a wagering contraption. In its time, the betting unit was a precusor to the current day slot machine that features a section where five drums with a coverage of up to 50 card faces can be seen. But more importantly was that it was a spinoff of the poker gameplay that was widely popular. The staple usage of 'slots' came into everyday recognition after, in a convoying process of a machine that uses coins - while also giving it upon wins depending on the patterns found in your paylines. A lever can be seen to be pulled in order to start the randomised roll.


Towards the Scottish heritage, rehearsals of such designated naming was found even more vague. A slot there is defined as a 'puggy', but not much is known for its origin, however a consensus has us led to believe that it was transferred from playing cards, because a poker pot is also known synonymously as the puggy! While other sarcastic times—in the very same dialect and ethnic—is a meanful deviation of a slot nickname that is known as a 'one-armed bandit', or a slang used to ingrain the fact that gambling dens always win!


Much to the contrary saying, all forms of slots uses a randomly distributed wins and losses in-between games! And there actually are slot-only gamblers that has been known to win! Still, the question remains in how exactly did the transition took place that floored iGaming into trend from the once dominating brick-and-mortar casinos? Given DDW88's appropriate reasoning, it would be the direction for a peace of mind leisure, as well as the convenience that took slot games up to trend by storm. It's also noted that adults are engaging into entertainments that helps to win money, while focusing on several disciplinary orientations of responsible gambling. This is conducted for the healthy mindset of any punters here, while other times were found that it was by word-of-mouth persuasion from social circles that drove a tumultuous interest in certain iGaming providers. This was likely the result of playing in high-winning percentages slot.


Striving to be Malaysia's best online casino, DayDayWin88 believes that the answer is still subjected to open interpretation. There isn't one firm explanation to say the least in why online slots have been driven to popularity. It can be noted of successful marketing that drove social interest, but playing internet puggy are also for the passing of times centred in later years. And this is especially seen by families that allows their elderly matriarch to play betting games on the world wide web, where the borders of entry or even travelling may be proven difficult by seniority at age.


Another evident that was pointed into the increased presence of wagerers is the pandemic happening of COVID-19 which has predominantly restricted movements worldwide. By staying at home, gambling slot games has become some of the most sought entertainment. Coronavirus has certainly shifted the plains of existing corporates - with the likes of certain industries like entertainment that has been closed shut, enterprises are certainly shifting gears for alternative options. Some lose, others win is best described with this passage of saying. In the case of slot games and online casinos, these are certainly in favoured because of the affliction.


Top Featurette of Malaysia's Online Slot Providers


While there exists to a possible hundreds, and even tens of thousands of online slot providers worldwide, DDW88 believes that regional-centric popularity comes first. But this does not limit the entry of upcoming iGaming brands, as well as foreign providers which are generally excluded. Like our Malaysian culture of promoting diversity, expanding MY-based online casino catalogue of games help to take gameplay recognition into the international setting. Here are a listed three of our online slot providers which are widely known:


918Kiss is widely reputed to be the most famous out of the online slot providers found in Malaysia. Its high winning gameplay percentages contributed to the peak of wagering recognition, while trials and errors by enterprise experience have also taken this mobile slot provider into respectable and proven heights. It is also worth noting that 918Kiss was previously known as 'SCR888' before its entire rebrand.


MEGA888 is commonly the next in line of slots gaming in the soils of Kuala Lumpur (KL), but also a top iGaming contender found in the Southeast Asian hemisphere. This betting brand is among the usual go-tos whenever 918Kiss gets their downtime (due to updates, migration, server cleaning, and even regulatory protocols), yet in some other countries you'll find MEGA888 and its games of pokies mostly played.


PUSSY888 is an upcoming breakout star that is challenging the current iGaming standings of mobile slots. This young iGaming brand was freshly developed at the mid of 2018, where tractions of many a visitations have been seen - as well as overtaking various minor and existing slot brands found in Malaysia's online casinos. Word on the street also says that PUSSY888 has a group of aggressive marketers which handles their positioning extremely well. It is also worth mentioning that PUSSY888 may be known variably as 'SLOT888'


Each game featured within any iGaming brand of slot games has its own jackpot and relatable winning system. With no relationships found from one to another, this debunks the myth of gambling a variety of mobile slots that increases winning chances. 


Types Of Slots (And Their Style Of Gamble)


All versions of slots have many a type of categories found. And like how live casinos promote a variety of card games within their streamed tables, slot games are programmed by computation that offers genres suiting of punters' preferences. There are seasoned wagerers that may well prefer 3-reel slots, and there are also punters for leisure who know best of 5-reel possibilities, while progressive slots are further available to bettors in the keen hours of playing pursuit, but the commonality is that the gameplay is affected by paylines found.


- 3-reel mobile slots is the traditional classic out of the types found. There are lesser symbols within the said game, while producing higher win ratings because of fewer complications. Even though there exist only one line within this version, it's also important to note that 3-Reel slot games have higher payout ratings.


- 5-reel mobile slots is an expanded version of the classic slot, but with 2 additional reels included. This is met with more rows that allows a punter to hit various paylines in order to increase his/her payout.


- Progressive mobile slot goes on with an incremental jackpot prize pool for each bettor that plays until it has been won. The stakes of progressive slots will continuously go higher from one roll to another, where every actions will acount into a small percentage of hitting it.


So What Exactly Is A Payline In Mobile Slot?


A payline are patterns of the combination of symbols found in the reel. By the cause of proprietary algorithms that are built-in, each symbols out of the available pool of signs feature individual probabilities. A click of a button to roll makes up the chances that builds into winnable patterns, and these sequences turned into winnings which are often known as 'betting line' and even 'winning line'.


Earlier models of slot machines— and especially prototypes of pokies had only one payline to be bet on. This was later expanded into classic slots with the commonly found 3-reels gameplay, allowing up to two paylines to be hit, as well as higher forms of reel (5, 7 & 9-reels) with even larger variations of paylines. The common number of a mobile slot's winning line goes up to 25, but there even exists up to hundreds and a thousand betting line formations! It's also important to understand that a betting line in an online slot needs not necessarily be horizontal, it can be curved - with zigzag lines drawn, or even trapezium in shape that can garner you big wins. Yet the rule of thumb is, the same symbols must be found across any reel of the one-armed bandit in a single roll.


A sportsbook takes premonition into account by factoring team strategy, players found, as well as the training and discipline in order to predict a win, but rolling with slot games are completely dependent upon complex mathetical equations of various sort. This would mean wagering with fruit machines offers a randomly distributed chance at play, and it 'might' be completely unpredictable— unless a gambler has been found successful in cracking the algorithmns of an online slot. This astute insight is also what sheds light for immediate fame, while consistently found in Malaysia's online casinos to be the most played category out of the options commonly available.


On the hand, seasonal promotions offering category-specific bonuses has been known to put a leaning advantage on gamblers. The benefit of the iGaming industry is that it carries more loyalty programmes than brick-and-mortar casinos, and one may even see provider-specific retention rates that are found here. Within this time and space of COVID-19 pandemic, slot games certainly gained traction from restricted movements as well as promotions, but still uncommon bonuses shouldn't be relied upon as the main aspect in winning jackpots.

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