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The term, 'live casinos', was started out from the betting industry that took the wagering floors centred with poker rooms, dices and chips, as well as the attractions of models and celebrities into the iGaming world (or what is known to be online casinos). This would mean that punters who once made their passage towards Genting gambling dens can now lavish in enjoyment with the use of electronics (mobile, tablets or even computers), calling for a one-of-a-kind real-time streaming invention that was brought up within the 21st century— and all in the comfort of one's home.


These feed that streams 'live' and in the now was only made possible by fixing a camcorder or recording device on a casino card table, in which it is kickstarted to the direction of a card dealer—usually an attractive woman—where she will do the cards dealing throughout the gambling session. Interactions and gameplay then, are only made possible through the result of application programming interface (or API) that promotes immediate and responsive actions by sending information towards, as well as out of the betting providers.


But this wouldn't result in all brick-and-mortar casinos no longer played. Physical gambling dens are still necessarily needed, if not, mandatorily required. And it's always within the setting of a wagering enterprise because of the licensing, as well as the proprietary access towards the much needed supplies - like high-speed internet with various connectible lines for one example, or a backup power supply that keeps live casino gaming continuous for another. Most, if not, all iGaming providers featured in live casino category streams their gameplay within an actual gambling den.


A player may find their leisures within the Malaysian setting, but it doesn't mean gambling online is specific towards the local soil. Games found that are being developed, played and even streamed within an online casino may even be foreign in nature! In other words, live casino feed can be adapted from any hemisphere and introduced locally here, and that's the beauty of it all!


You can see the value of live casino that bridges the separated gap of entertainment found, and through that is a sighting of cultural differences which has contributed to the cause of iGaming development. A punter may sit in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL) and still have full access across the international entertainment scene, but that's still dependent on the provider he/she has opted for.

Live Casino Providers


Different backgrounds as well as various thought-inspiring heritage are what makes the specifics of gambling providers so unique. These Live Casino brands are handpicked for the best of engagement, while bearing an edge of their own:


PT Casino is a London-based corporate of the wagering industry that was founded in 1999. Two decades of trial and error, as well as proven passage towards the gambling scene helps to elevate their status as an uncontested power house. Specialising only in iGaming applications, PT Casino's successful run and continuous support of gaming products have brought them publicly listed in the London Stock Exchange.


AG Casino, on the other hand, creates a mystifying adventure that is centred towards the Asian gambling scene. The iGaming community has attributed an utmost creativity—whether through storylines, or design cues— that is seen out of this Eastern influenced betting provider. Notorious live table inventions like 'Pre-Dealing 6 Cards', or several Baccarat variations were created none other than by AG Casino themselves, and has brought the said provider towards limelight.


Sexy Baccarat tops the chart for their feminine attraction that inevitably draws gamblers. The saying of 'sex sells' is visibly seen within this Aphrodite-concept of live casino, where women-only dealers are tasked to captivate, but also guide players throughout the stages of their gameplay. Models shown in Sexy Baccarat has a theme of wearing revealing clothes—usually in bikini, or lingerie—to fit their core nature: being seductive.

Difference Between Casino Table Games, Bookmaking On Sports And Mobile Slots


While well-assayed studies of what can be controlled are needed to become a consistent wagerer, there exist a territorial gap among the category differences when it comes to gambling online casinos. To keep things short, live casinos require psychoeducation skill and understanding of the unfolding stages found in card games, while bookmaking with sports stays true to passionate fans - that under the guidance of keeping up with the current team strategy, seasons, team morality and even the players available, spotsbook can be incredibly lucrative to avid punters. On the other hand, playing mobile slots is a roll of pure random distribution. There is a theme of random assertion conducted by the algorithms between each round at play within slot games, bearing minimal skillset involved and firing a click-of-a-mouse button to derive the outcome. The key point entirely is understanding your form of bet. 

Joining Card Games


Playing live table games within online casinos help to establish personal psychology. It acts as a training ground that may serve to function in training your skillset to win wagers, and there actually are gamblers who are consistent winners within the betting realms like Mike Sexton on poker for one! But it takes the rarity of rigour training and ironed discipline to work on skillsets to be a consistent and successful bettor. Careful planning, trials and error, as well as journaling and reading your own psychology can help you elevate your card bets.


Hitherto to the development of iGaming, professional gamblers must make their way into the scene of real casinos - which involves additional charges, time constraint and arrangements behind. Live casino minimises that problem and enables a personal psychological development within the competitive scene. In addition to stimulating the engagement of online gambling, a variety of promotions have been conducted in order to attract players. A bettor may utilise any available bonuses to strategise - and empower his/her gameplay. 


Generally, there are identical streams of a table game found within a live casino. This may ensue with questions from players that may wonder why has it been such the case, but not to worry because the points are written below for appropriate answers:


1. Like a physical card room that caters to a max number of seats, the very same limitation exists within a card table. This is the primary reason behind pushing an identical amount of stream of a table game found within a live casino.


2. The stakes found may also defer. What this means is the pot amount and the minimal requirement for entry separates the level of gamble. There are in some cases high stakes table games which only seasonal veteran gamblers are in for the seats, and this is elevated to hundreds and even thousands per table found in live casinos!


3. Card dealer preferences. Having the right guide in dealing your cards is subjective, and this is also true when there is a distinct liking of communication between the dealers found in live casinos and the players. There are punters that do prefer a more vocal communicator at the card table and there are also gamblers that prefers none. Ideally, fix it to your comfort for best practice.


4. Provider biased. Our live casino category features a handful of iGaming brands that entices players, but the result of being accustomed to the navigations found is what makes it a predominant bias. Users may have been adapted to casino table games and its flow, but the functions for a full steer of online casino controls may accord favourtism.


User Friendly Controls


When the footage of a live casino is being streamed through a video recorder, the scenery itself is only a series of table games guided out by the dealer. And this is without any playable insights nor interactions, so how exactly do gamers or gamblers find themselves actually playing the game? This answer to this iGaming theme is the usage of a control panel that is wired according to each games. The controls is a cockpit, or a medium that joins the players with features and flows to his/her dealer. Firstly, it has got a 'card room', or a lobby section where punters may decide their game of choice by viewing the gambling categories found, and then they may look into it (by joining) where they may then learn the rules of the game before starting their gamble.


All playable controls found within the live casino is user friendly adapted. Eventhough the online lobby may vary according to different gambling providers, one commonality found is that betting money online is stripped down into very basic means for the benefit of all age groups. This means that there is no hassle involved when it comes to gambling online, and you can see this specifically done so under online slots. Afterall, entertainment is meant to be stress free and within ease of use, but also to the extend of benefitting all kinds of men - internet savvy, or even the average.


Under the frail of age and in our senior years, it's hardly anything we might be able to do - apart from reading, and seeking a pleasure of entertainment. This is the fortune behind inventing live casinos, where functions can be easily learnt by any elderly to enjoy pastime.


Under our advice, the rule of thumb for any punters is to always know what you are doing. More specifically, to understand the structure of the game where it (the knowledge) helps you gain leeway in winning your bets. Whether by playing Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, or even Sic-Bo within a live casino, there are beginnings, middles, and endings to each flow of the game. Thus, it is of vital importance for any gambler to assay in order to understand - and increase his edge of winning.


Bug fixes are also very important when it comes to actual table games being played within an online casino, because it's not an option for bettors to be having errors, but more important as how frequent these betting softwares are in repairs - and also updated. Strenuous testings were conducted throughout, whether by improving the feed, or making responsive changes towards the gameplay and this is to produce the most enriching live casino experience for wagerers. Other examinations are made is through server cleaning or even testing the usage experience for improvements in order to make an online scene as comfortable, and as entertaining as possible.


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